About Us

What do you see when you imagine living in a charming little cottage on the beach? White washed wood and weathered paint? The sound of the seagulls dancing on the fresh ocean breeze? A pair of Adirondack chairs on the sand. With a good book and a better friend. A place that beckons you to kick back.
We think the same way. We're beach people too. And we know that the time we spend here is precious.
When you visit us at Hydrangea Cove, we hope you will feel the timeless charm we put into everything we do. The suggestions we make for your house and home. The colors, textures and scents that create a peaceful and uncomplicated feeling. That’s life on the coast. We know. We're beach people too.
Please visit us. Take your time. Enjoy. Relish. Soak it in. We did this for you.